Sunday, March 16, 2014

Assalamualaikum, hi.. it's me Laluna! :)

Salam bloggers and all friends :)

hi I'm Nurul Laluna.. call me Lalun.
This entry is about myself and my hobbies.
hobbies turn into business...! hee..

i'm event management student from UiTM Puncak Alam.  InsyaAllah this May, i'll attend my second convocation for my degree. doakan ya.. :)

before this i'm not gegirl person sangat that like all this colourful things.. haha. but when i had my internship program at KL Wedding Ministry, i think i fall in love with things that called DECORATION ..

ahaks... and yahh.. i learn a bit about it.  thanks to Mr. Fauzi Manan. My ex boss.. always teach me new experience that involved flowers and so many colourful things.

i started with handmade convocation bouquet roses!

i learn it from my bestfriend yayana. <3. hee.. comel isn't? lol.

you know what?

actually i miss my internship place... then i started to make some decoration to full fill my empty part of life after finish study.

help my cousin to set up her engagement, first trial to deco a birthday party at Damansara.

birthday party decoration by laluna
then i balik kampung. my cousin and me had an agreement to apply that hobbies turn into business.
now here we are! Laluna Weddings .. hehe.  just simple touch to make your day memorable.

if you interested, just called me at 0136499824.
meet and discuss. only in Keramat KL, and Melaka :)

next update about decoration hantaran, and bunga tangan for engagement!
tunggu ya !
till we met again. <3

i love those cecantik things.. :)

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