Thursday, August 7, 2014

DIY BY LALUNA : Gubahan Hantaran

Assalamualaikum wbt.

hi dear follower's and customer's ! :)

sorry for takingg longggggg holiday to update our latest news about DIY BY LALUNA.
hehe. n'way it's not too late to wish Happy Eid to all muslim in this dunya.. !
 May you have a greatful joy and all our ibadah in Ramadhan was accepted by Allah s.w.t. InsyaAllah Aamiin Allahumma Aamiin.

hey! i've some good news to share.
I feel so grateful to say that, our business is growing.  we already get order in melaka, thanks for support :)
so i would like to share 3 decoration for hantaran in this ramadhan and syawal!

1.En. Hazrin, Kelantan Malaysia

Gubahan Hantaran from RM25 each dulang.

His Feedback :

Only by using creepe paper, we change it into this decoration and he satisfied with our hardwork.  thanks for hire us! Selamat Pengantin Baru ! ^_^

2. Mr. Azizul Tan , Merisik
Ozana, bkt katil Melaka

Artificial flower
gubahan wang kertas, sirih dan cincin
RM 50 (dulang + Service gubahan and beli barang)
RM 20 per dulang (buah buahan and Kek)

His feedback : Thumbs Up! :)
Thanks for hire US. finish  3 decoration in one day's. :)

3. Puan Rohani, Taman Muzaffar Syah , Ayer Keroh Melaka
His Son Engagement this 9hb August 2014.
still got 30% to be finish (cake and fruit's)
Esklusif Decoration
RM 50 per dulang
RM 80 for Sirih Junjung

tomorrow I'll send this to her, hopefully she will love it.
I'll update the feedback from her as our testimonial.

okey then, thanks for reading our entry today.
see you tomorrow guy's . have a good sleep, for those who wake up for tahajud, please pray for our ummah. #pray4gaza #pray4palestien #pray4rohigyah

hopefully we can donate and pray as much as we can. One Ummah! One Islam! :)
Assalamualaikum w.b.t <3

Laluna : Our decoration is based on theme that chosen by customer.  DIY stand for Do it Yourselft.  so we will make youurrr dreams come true! any theme will do , InsyaAllah <3

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Full picture : Engagement Siti Shahirah Saari & Ahmad Faiz Zainal Abidin :)

assalamualaikum. hi guy's !
hari tu dah story sikit rite? so today i would like to share the happiness and excitementtttttt during that E Day <3

alhamdulillah everything goes very well.
syukur ya Rabb.
a little last minute preparation but the princess love it! :)

here i share the moment of the day!

last but not least :)

if interested, we can give you promotion price until RM200 with your own theme.
backdrop 10 kaki
1 white carpet
6 meter curtain white/cream
6 pillow
2 big flower
1 seat (round)
1/2 spot light
2 flower stand

free handbouquet :)

extra caj RM50 if outside from melaka.
interested, call/sms/whatsapp me at 013-6499824

Monday, March 31, 2014

Teaser E Day : Siti Nur Shahirah Saari

Assalamualaikum.. hi everyone!

good evening <3
hope you guys had a marvelous day today! may everything goes well for all of you :)

ahlan wa sahlan to my little churpy bloggiee hee...
thanks so much sudi drop by here..
cuci mate tengok kalerful of dis page .. ahaha. (sorry for broken english)

okay, proceed to the tittle of my entry today.  i love to share my experience in DIY something with you guys.

29 March 2014
Beautiful date
for beautiful couple
made their dream come true!

my Little sister( Kakngah) Engagement Day :)

with her beloved prince charming, Ahmad Faiz b. Zainal Abidin (FaizZarfan)
 we had not enough time actually to prepare everything.
but we made it atleast the simple one Mini Dais for her.
3 Hantaran
hand bouquet of red roses
and pearls around her baju kurung modern (beadings)

i made it by myself except for the mini dais.  we got help from our Aunty from Melaka by only using skype to communicate with each other. (melaka to Keramat, Kuala Lumpur).

soooo... i will share one picture.
later i will upload more.. haha. nama pon teaser you alls !

 thanks to all relative yang banyak give hands to support us. <3
baju, bahan hiasan pelamin (KL Wedding Ministry) thanks Boss :D
thanks cousin, Farra Umirah, Farid Izwan, Qamarul Azizi, Qamarul Ariffin, kak Faizah, Shikin, Farah...
friends, Kaa Dabri, Shakira, Idayu..
and all of yg terlibat in screen or behind the screen haha.
thanks for all the doa. semoga mereka akan ke jinjang pelamin secepat mungkin.
pastu baru boleh give tagline. " till Jannah" ye.

**next entry.
DSLR come out. Laluna Photography... plaks. <3 it's daaaa for now. :)

*jom turun Giant USJ minggu ni.
ada banyak booth CITA RASA MALAYSIA menanti anda :)
jom reramai.. support buatan Malaysia hee.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Assalamualaikum, hi.. it's me Laluna! :)

Salam bloggers and all friends :)

hi I'm Nurul Laluna.. call me Lalun.
This entry is about myself and my hobbies.
hobbies turn into business...! hee..

i'm event management student from UiTM Puncak Alam.  InsyaAllah this May, i'll attend my second convocation for my degree. doakan ya.. :)

before this i'm not gegirl person sangat that like all this colourful things.. haha. but when i had my internship program at KL Wedding Ministry, i think i fall in love with things that called DECORATION ..

ahaks... and yahh.. i learn a bit about it.  thanks to Mr. Fauzi Manan. My ex boss.. always teach me new experience that involved flowers and so many colourful things.

i started with handmade convocation bouquet roses!

i learn it from my bestfriend yayana. <3. hee.. comel isn't? lol.

you know what?

actually i miss my internship place... then i started to make some decoration to full fill my empty part of life after finish study.

help my cousin to set up her engagement, first trial to deco a birthday party at Damansara.

birthday party decoration by laluna
then i balik kampung. my cousin and me had an agreement to apply that hobbies turn into business.
now here we are! Laluna Weddings .. hehe.  just simple touch to make your day memorable.

if you interested, just called me at 0136499824.
meet and discuss. only in Keramat KL, and Melaka :)

next update about decoration hantaran, and bunga tangan for engagement!
tunggu ya !
till we met again. <3

i love those cecantik things.. :)